Fall results of vegetation management

I’ve taken photos on and off since June, when I started my vegetation management strategy to address robbing issues. The drought affected my trial; I cut back the goldenrod just prior, so the swaths looked like this on October 11:Goldenrod field in the fall with no blooms. Nary a bloom in sight where I wanted a river of flowers. I will have to try next year, and hope the weather cooperates this time.

Interestingly, I cut a strip of knotweed at the same time as I cut the first goldenrod. The regrown knotweed bloomed quite quickly after the untouched stand. It lasted a little longer, and wasn’t as prolific (to be expected), but the drought didn’t appear to hinder it much (does anything hinder this plant?).

So goldenrod cuts are still a question mark (and clearly highly depending on environment) but knotweed has potential.

Fortunately, this fall cooled down quicker than last year, and I put cozies on my hives toward the end of September. Between the cozies sealing the hives and the lower temps I’ve had much less robbing this fall.

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